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The book club


Hi everyone ! We love reading, so, we spent our precious time and energy to write this fantastic article.

We hope you enjoy it !

Yours sincerely the FJS team !

The book club unites every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm at the school library... So, feel free to ask about and join your comrades and countrymen at the book club. There are already a dozen new pupils mostly from year 7&8 ! An intervenant is coming to the school to show the members of the book club , her love and passion of the Japanese art of manga. Throughout this year, the members of the book club will participate to cultural trips in partnership with the library of Gaillac. They have already been on an outing to see Hubert Ben Kemoun reknown for his imaginative, creative and brilliant writing. Present was the French slammer Eric Cartier. With the children's help ,Eric put Hubert's books into music. The children had a fun and exciting time !

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