The cross country run




The Cross Country Run


        The school's Cross Country Run will take place on Friday 18th of October. It will be the first one this school has ever had, it has been organised by M.Barone the vice-principal of the school, and the PE teachers (professeurs d'EPS). All of the students have to take part. From 10 o'clock to miday the year sevens and year eights will be the runners and year nines and tens will be the spectators, and then from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock the roles switch over. At 4 o'clock the results will be given and the prizes will be distributed, then there will be a snack for everyone. The year sevens and eights objective will be 1.7km and the year nines and tens will be 2.7km.


Don't forget your sport gear !!!!



The F.J.S team over and out.

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